DIT Fiosraigh PhD Scholarship Programme 2010


Dublin Institute of Technology invites applications for the DIT Fiosraigh PhD Scholarship Programme 2010. The Irish word Fiosraigh, which means to explore or inquire, underlines the purpose of this scholarship programme which is to promote the exploration and application of knowledge as part of DIT research strategy.

There are a total of eight different scholarship options in the Fiosraigh programme. Applicants should submit their proposal in association with a designated Dublin Institute of Technology R&D Centre or Institute. Assessment will be based on the quality of the research proposal and the educational background of the applicant, as well as on the alignment with the DIT research programme and with the specific objectives of the Scholarship scheme. Students already in receipt of a Dublin Institute of Technology scholarship or similar funding are not eligible.

The eight Schemes of DIT Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme are addressed to three different types of applicants and each scheme will have its own assessment criteria.

Scholarship Opportunities for DIT Academic Staff

  1. Fiosraigh Enterprise Scheme
  2. Fiosraigh Strategic Collaboration Scheme
  3. Fiosraigh Research Excellence Award

Scholarship Opportunities for New Research Students

  1. Fiosraigh Dean of Graduate Students Award
  2. Fiosraigh Research Materials Support Grant Scheme
  3. Fiosraigh Research Student Accommodation Grant Scheme

Scholarship Opportunities for Existing Research Students

  1. Fiosraigh Head of Graduate Research Awards
  2. Fiosraigh PhD Scholarship Extension Scheme

Application forms will be available from August 2010.

For the full terms and conditions of the programme please download the Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme: Terms and Conditions

For further information on the application procedures and deadlines of the programme, please contact Gerolmina Di Nardo at gerolmina.dinardo@dit.ie.

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