DIT students join Leinster players to launch 'H2O' charity walk


Pictured from left to right: DIT students Elaine Bolger and
Tania Zorilla with Leinster player Malcolm O'Kelly
at the launch of the H2O Charity Walk

9th March 2010

Leinster players Malcom O?Kelly, Isa Nacewa and CJ van der Linde today launched the ?H2O? March 22nd charity walk to raise money for the humanitarian work of Irish organisation ?Wells for Zoe? in Malawi. 

Walkers will depart from Heuston Station at 12.00pm and walk to the O2 concert venue on ?World Water Day?, March 22nd.  Participants will be joined by representatives of a multitude of African nations and Irish celebrities such as Glenda Gilson.

By organising the first Irish ?H2O? walk, ?Wells for Zoe? is aiming to highlight how many people internationally still have no access to clean water. Central to the organisation of the walk are students from the DIT Business and Marketing Society, who send a group of volunteers to Malawi each Easter and Summer.

?Wells for Zoe?, is a small Irish humanitarian organisation which aims to bring a local and clean source of water to every village in Malawi.  Every penny raised in connection with the H2O walk will go towards the work of Wells for Zoe, giving the people of Malawi a clean and safe source of water.  The importance of their work is highlighted by the fact that one in four children in Malawi die from water born diseases by the age of five and 80% of people in hospital in the country are there as a result of water born diseases. Incredibly, it costs just €100 to build a well in Malawi which would supply clean and safe water to that village. 

On March 22nd, as part of the UN?s ?World Water Day?, ?H2O? walks will be taking place in cities across the world.  The idea is simple - you pick one location starting with H as your starting point and you finish the walk at a location starting with o.

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