DIT students compete in Kazakhstan IQ game show


5th May 2010

Three teams of DIT students took part in the Kazakhstan based quiz show ?The IQ Games? recently.  The television show, also translated as ?The Intellectual Olympics?, is one of Kazakhstan's most popular television programmes and features teams of three students competing in a quiz based on lateral thinking.  The regular programme features students from Kazakhstan competing for an education scholarship, but special editions of the show feature competitions between Kazakhstan and an international selection of colleges. 


As part of a European tour, the show arrived in Ireland just in time to sample the atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day. The crew filmed Dublin ?postcards? that will also be used throughout the series. The Mansion House hosted the quiz and the DIT teams participating.  The DIT teams fared quite well in the competition, with two teams just shy of claiming maximum points. The result of the quiz will not be known until the filming of the Kazakh leg of the competition, but fingers crossed for a DIT win.   Though there was occasional confusion due to translation, the DIT students all agreed it was an enjoyable, once in a life time experience. Fourth year Tourism and Hospitality Marketing student Tim Sultanov worked with the International Office hosting the crew. Originally from Kazakhstan Tim says:  "It was an amazing experience! It was a great chance to show Ireland to the IQ Games crew and for DIT students to find out more about Kazakhstan. All the Kazakh students in Dublin also really enjoyed the ?visit from home?.  The crew had a wonderful time here and they all truly enjoyed our warm hospitality. It will be great to see DIT and Dublin on Kazakh TV!"


Article by: Frankie Whelan, DIT Student

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