DIT head of design is new President of ELIA


Kieran Corcoran, Head of Design in DIT, and now President of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA)

Kieran Corcoran, Head of Design in DIT, has been elected President of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA).   ELIA is the primary international network organization of major arts education institutions and universities, with a membership that includes some 350 higher arts education institutions from over 45 countries, representing all disciplines in the arts, including architecture, dance, design, fine art, media arts, music and theatre.  Through its network, the organisation represents unique bodies of knowledge and facilitates dialogue, mobility and activities between artists, teachers, administrators, senior managers, key decision makers.  The member institutions collectively represent more than 250,000 students of the arts.


Representative Board of ELIA

The General Assembly of the organisation elects a Representative Board to run the affairs of ELIA.  The new Board, which was elected at the 2010 General Assembly in Nantes at the end of October, elected Kieran Corcoran to serve as President for a two-year term.  Kieran previously held the office of Treasurer for the organisation.  He will now lead the organisation for the next two years in a programme of actions that include:

  • international advocacy, representation and promotion of higher arts education
  • creating platforms for discussion and exchange through organising biennial conferences; specialist focussed symposia, seminars and workshops; expert services and sharing good practice
  • initiating a range of research and development projects relating to shaping the European area in higher arts education
  • on-line services including a comprehensive website distributing ELIA’s activities and newsletter
  • authoring and publishing specialist publications

Kieran Corcoran is Head of the Department of Design in DIT’s School of Art, Design and Printing and was instrumental in bringing the General Assembly of ELIA to Dublin some years ago.

For more information about ELIA and its programme of activities please see http://www.elia-artschools.org/Home

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