Stories of Engineering: Narrative Perspectives of New Engineers


Professor Russell F. Korte, University of Illinois | Photo by L. Brian Stauffer 

24th May 2010

Engineering Education Seminar

Tuesday 25th May

13.00 - 14.00

Room 236 Bolton St

Stories of Engineering: Narrative Perspectives of New Engineers

Prof. Russell Korte ? University of Illinois


As new engineers confront the intractable realm of the social world, this experience is often problematic. An important source of the problem stems from the conflict between an educational logic based on scientific and mathematical prowess and the social logic within which engineering is embedded in practice (Buccareli, 1994; Pool, 1997). Interviews with newly practicing engineers indicated that many struggled to adapt to a world running on a different logic than the logic of engineering as they were taught (Korte, 2009). The messier and more complex organizational environment (Schon, 1983) in which engineers began their career required a different understanding. This seminar presents the narratives that new engineering graduates reported they formulated to make sense of and adapt to the world of engineering practice.

This seminar will be of interest not only to all engineering educators but also to educators of similar and related professions, such as architects, surveyors and planners. It should be of particular interest to those involved in curriculum development and implementation.

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