UPDATE : Rescheduled Examinations and New Semester


Thursday 21st January

New semester starts 01 February

Lectures recommence for the second semester of this academic year on 01 February ? to see the academic calendar for 2009-2010 please click on http://www.dit.ie/services/academic/calendar/

Rescheduled exams postponed from Monday 11 January

All exams originally timetabled for Monday 11 January but postponed due to extreme weather conditions have been rescheduled - see below for remaining dates by subject area:

Business / Media / Law

Please click here for the new schedule of dates for examinations in these subjects.

Science/Engineering - Kevin Street

Examinations due to be held on Monday 11th January will now take place on Friday 22nd January and Monday 25th January. Please click here to see the full timetable.

Engineering - Bolton Street

Built Environment

Students have been notified by email with rescheduled dates and venues. If you have any queries, please contact Anne Hayes in the Exams Office, DIT Bolton Street at 01 402 367.

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