Launch of new DIT Registration Service Helpline


Elena Keany, member of the Registration Service team,
Dr Frank McMahon, Director of Academic Affairs,
Teresa Ward, Registration Manager,
Patricia Mulligan, member of Registration Service helpline team,
Justin Gill, member of Registration Service helpline team

This week marks the launch of the following new DIT Registration Services

  • Registration Service Helpline 01 402 7000 all calls relating to registrations should be directed to this number.  This helpline is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5pm.
  • Registration Service Email all emails relating to registrations are to be directed to this email address
  • Registration Service Website

This week saw the launch of the new ?One DIT? Registration Service helpline. This new helpline will deal with all telephone and email queries to the new Institute-wide registration service.  The number for the service is 00 353 1 402 7000.  The staff on the helpline are based at DIT Bolton Street providing the service from 9 am until 5pm, Monday to Friday during the busiest weeks for the Registration Service.  It is anticipated that the service will continue until the end of October 2010 and will be an annual event in the Registration Service calendar. 


In conjunction with launching the helpline the new Registration Service has also launched its website which is a dedicated website for the Registration service which is an easy to navigate, user friendly site which students will visit to register on-line for their programme and obtain details on how to select/de-select modules and obtain up-to-date information about the service.  The third service to be launched this week is the email address to contact the Registration service:

These developments have happened as a result of the Excellence in Administration Registration project which commenced in January this year.  According to Dr. Frank McMahon, Project Sponsor ?The new Registration Service will be responsible for all student registrations, wholetime and part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate and as far as possible will be an on-line service?.

The overall objective of the Registration project is to improve services to both students and staff.  Within a period of 6 months significant change has been introduced.

An Institute Registration Service team has been formed and is fully operational where staff report to a Registration Manager.  Members include the following:

Teresa Ward (Registration Manager), Kevin Corbett, Yvonne Donlan, Louise Doyle, Frances Durkan, Ramona Gaffney, Justin Gill, Margarite Heavey, Therese Hussey, Elena Keany, Brendan Keegan, Patricia Mulligan, Andrew Myler, Catriona O?Doherty, Carol O?Reardon, Mary Ryan, Joanne Scannell, Paul Scott, John Shaughnessy, Nina Smith, Karina Smyth, Thomas Treacy, Emer Walker


Team members are located at Kevin Street, Aungier Street, Bolton Street, Mountjoy Square and Rathmines Road.  The following are some of the improvements which the service will be delivering in the new academic session:

  • Many registration processes have been standardised.
  • Students where possible will be invited to register and pay their fees on-line rather than attending DIT in person to do so.  The on-line registration service will be available from 18th August onwards and returning students will receive a notification to their DIT email address inviting them to register   and new CAO entrants will receive their invitation to register by post later in August.  Where possible, students will register and pay their fees online remotely. 
  • Email will be the primary method of communication with students to their official DIT email address.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to make enquiries to the service by e-mail.
  • Students will be given an ID card which is valid for the duration of their programme to access DIT facilities.
  • New online services will be available to students throughout the year (except for a short period at the issue of exam results) where they can maintain their address and phone numbers online.
  • Letters of verification (confirming that a student is registered on a programme) will be issued to all registered students of the Institute in late September.
  • Programme and module registration will be conducted at Institute level.  Module registration for Semester 1 and year long modules will commence on 1st October 2010 and Semester 2 module registration will take place in February 2011.
  • Information required by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) will be gathered to meet our funding authority?s requirements.
  • Class lists and details pertaining to the number of student?s registered will be made available to Heads of Schools/Assistant Heads of Schools on a self service basis.  Training sessions will be held in early September for any member of staff who requires training and to receive a password to access infoview.  The Registration Service will not be providing these reports.
  • Information sessions about the new service and the changes will be held at lunchtime week commencing 6th September on the following sites Kevin Street, Aungier Street, Bolton Street, Mountjoy Square and Cathal Brugha Street to advise staff of the changes which are taking place concerning registrations and to provide training on access to infoview reports.  As many staff as possible are encouraged to attend and exact details of the dates/times and location will be posted on our website

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