Regulating Lobbying: a Global Comparison


Senator Ivana Bacik speaking at the launch of the book

18th May 2010

The first major work to compare the regulation of lobby/interest groups in North America, Asia, Australia and across the European Union was launched in Dublin this week.  Dr. John Hogan, DIT College of Business, Dr. Gary Murphy, DCU and Dr. Raj Chari, Trinity College Dublin, are the authors of Regulating Lobbying: a Global Comparison, published by Manchester University Press.  The book is of value to both practitioners and academics and is based on the authors? research, which was funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.  The book compares how lobby/interest groups are formally regulated throughout the world and the impact this has had.   It provides a brief history of regulation that has been in place in some jurisdictions since the 1900s and what politicians, lobbyists and regulators in those jurisdictions think of the effectiveness of such regulation on transparency and accountability.  It also reviews the nature of regulation introduced in this century in some European countries, in Taiwan and Australia, and asks why there is no mandatory registration of lobbyists in the European Commission and some jurisdictions in Canada.  Looking at the pros and cons of regulating lobbyists, the book asks what lessons can be learned by other states without regulations.

Regulating Lobbying: a Global Perspective was launched on Wednesday 19 May by Senator Ivana Bacik, in the offices of the European Commission, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.

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Professor Gary Murphy (DCU) speaking at the launch of the book


Dr. Raj Chari (TCD), Dr. John Hogan (DIT), Senator Ivana Bacik, Professor Gary Murphy (DCU) and Jack Murphy in the bottom right corner


Dr. John Hogan (DIT), Dr. Raj Chari (TCD), Professor Gary Murphy (DCU)

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