DIT invited to offer LMA ‘upskilling’ programmes

  • Labour Market Activation (LMA) Fund extended
  • Focus on re-skilling in key areas
  • www.dit.ie/upskill

9th August 2010


Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has been invited this week to open applications for a range of specialist programmes aimed at providing upskilling and re-skilling opportunities for people who are currently unemployed.  Welcoming the announcement, DIT Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Frank McMahon, said “We are very pleased to play our part by providing these additional programmes as part of the Labour Market Activation initiative.  DIT offers career focused programmes in all our disciplines, and we are particularly well placed to assist people to re-skill in light of the current economic situation.”   Funding for these programmes is being provided by the Department of Education and Skills, and successful applicants will not be required to pay fees.

In its submission to the LMA Fund, DIT proposed to offer programmes at various levels, including continuing professional development as well as those leading to Degree Awards.  A full list of the approved programmes will be available by August 12 on www.dit.ie/upskill.  Recognising that there is very little time between the announcement this week and the start of the academic year, Dr. McMahon said “We will make every effort to publicise these programmes widely and to provide information to any potential applicant.  Any person who has been in receipt of unemployment payment for a period of three consecutive months or more, or who was a student or in training in the last academic year, is eligible to apply.  Our website will give full details about the academic or professional qualifications required for each programme.  The application deadline is September 03.  While that’s only a couple of weeks away, we do want to ensure students are registered in time to start at the beginning of the new academic year so we have no choice I’m afraid.”

DIT is moving quickly to put procedures in place to facilitate applications for these newly-announced programmes.  Prospective applicants will be able to find details of the available programmes on the DIT website, including specific eligibility requirements, to help them make a choice.   To make sure they want to proceed with their application, they can also come to DIT on Wednesday 01 September and academic advisers will be available throughout the day to discuss individual programmes in more detail.

DIT will offer programmes in the following areas:

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Geographical Information Systems, Data Intelligence, Accessible Web, Green IT, Computer Game Photography, iPhone app programming
  • Data management, statistics and mathematics
    • Financial Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, Mathematical Studies,
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical Services, Energy Management
  • Construction management and supervision
    • Site management, construction management and technology
  • Transport technology
    • Automotive technologies and diagnostics
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Enterprise development, entrepreneurial skills, start-up support
  • Business Operations
    • Management principles, information analysis, project management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Competence to work in any supply-chain context
  • Access to Higher Education
    • Foundation year programme to facilitate entry to Higher Education
  • Advanced Entry to full-time DIT degree programmes
    • Exemption from one or more years of a degree programme, based on recognition of prior learning, qualification or professional experience.  Eligible degree programmes in Sciences, Engineering, ICT, Financial Services, Hospitality and Tourism


To be eligible for Labour Market Activation (LMA) programmes, an applicant must be in receipt of unemployment benefit for a minimum of 3 months prior to application, or have been a student or in training in the last academic year

Application procedure:

Details of programmes and application procedure will be published on Thursday August 12 at www.dit.ie/upskill

Closing date:

Applications must be received by 0 3 September 201 0

Updated information:


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