DIT offering students an alternative to their CAO offer with Direct Entry Programmes


22nd August 2011

With the publication of today’s initial round of CAO offers, DIT is offering students’ an additional offer.  In addition to the programmes you have already selected through the CAO, DIT is offering students the opportunity to apply directly to four new undergraduate programmes starting in September 2011.  These courses have been developed to respond to both the needs of our students and the demands of the employment market and many of the courses are the first of their kind in Ireland.

¿BA sa Ghaeilge don Saol Profisiúnta  (DT507)- Leibhéal 8

Recent government-led initiatives resulting in the inclusion of Irish as an official language of the EU in 2007, and the recently published policy document Straitéis 20 Bliain don Ghaeilge 2010-2030 (20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language) have led to a significant increase in employment opportunities for Irish language graduates.  DIT has responded by introducing DT507 Ghaeilge don Saol Proifisiunta (Irish for Professional Purposes), a unique and highly-innovative 4-year honours degree programme which will prepare graduates to function professionally through the medium of Irish in a wide variety of career paths.

BSc in Business & Law (DT321) – Level 8

The new Business & Law degree at DIT combines two vital disciplines of the commercial world, business and law. This combination of business and law offers students the opportunity to develop a skill set that is likely to be highly marketable in a wide variety of careers including management, hr, insurance, banking, and law It is expected that graduates will achieve remarkable career success, whether they pursue law or business.

BTech Timber Product Technology (DT169) – Level 7

The Timber Product Technology three year programme was designed to incorporate both trades persons and CAO applicants wishing to gain a level 7 ordinary degree in a timber related area. There are currently very limited spaces available to perspective students wishing to gain a qualification above level 6 National Craft Certificate while studying timber related subjects. Timber Product Technology was designed to develop a high level of practical skills while introducing leadership and managerial subjects to allow the participant operate their own business or be part of the management structure of larger facilities.

Buildings Management (Maintenance & Conservation) (DT170) – Level 6

The current downturn in the construction sector has resulted in a concentration on current building stock. The upgrading and conservation of existing buildings is an area of opportunity with the availability of grants and government support for the upgrading of building. There will be a growing need to maintain these buildings and graduates of DIT’s new Buildings Management (Maintenance & Conservation) programme will be well placed to service those needs.

For details on these programmes and the opportunities they may lead to, contact our admissions team, on (01) 402 3445 or email admissions@dit.ie to request an application form.¿

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