From LA to Beijing, DIT’s Ballymun Music Programme on world tour for a day┬┐


9th September 2011

It’s a busy day today for the Ballymun Music Programme as it makes a number of global performances.

First stop Hollywood, LA and a screening of ‘Ballymun Lullaby’, a film about the DIT Ballymun Music Programme. As the recent winner of the Directors Guild of Americas' "Director Finder Series 2011, the film will now be showcased in Sunset Boulevard to an invited audience of American distributors, filmmakers, and key industry personnel, with the aim of securing a US distribution deal for the film.

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 Ballymun Lullaby documents Music Director, Ron Cooney and children from the Ballymun Music Programme as they prepared for the recording of their CD ‘Ballymun Lullaby’. In this unique documentary film, independent film maker Frank Berry captures all those involved in the Ballymun Music Programme behind the scenes and during rehearsals, as well as in recordings and performances.

The Ballymun Music Programme is a very successful initiative of the DIT Community Links programme. Led by Ron Cooney, and founded nearly 15 years ago, this unique programme has a very simple agenda: to provide an introduction to music through free music lessons in a community that had almost no access to music education.

Meanwhile as part of the official visit to Dublin of the Lord Mayor of Beijing, the Ballymun Music Programme are today hosting a visit of students from the Central Conservatory of Music, China. The musicians from China will join young musicians from the Ballymun Music Programme in the Music Room, Ballymun for a number of performances.

To hear the music and for more information please visit:

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