CAO shows students following their passions at DIT¿


23rd August 2011

The DIT Admissions team is working flat out this week issuing offers to thousands of CAO applicants and Campus Life and Registrations are getting ready to welcome the class of 2011 to DIT in September.

Congratulating those who have been offered the place of their choice, Frank Costello, head of Admissions, said this year there are some very interesting trends in student choices.  “First of all, the level of acceptances on Day One this year has been extremely strong and places are being taken up faster than in other years.  Also, from those early acceptances it’s very obvious that students are following their passions rather than just their point scores.”  In DIT and in other colleges there are certain programmes that always demand 500+ point scores like architecture, optometry, design, etc. but this year students with excellent Leaving Cert results and well over 500 point scores are opting for subjects that really interest them.  According to Costello, “As you might expect, that includes our new programme in rock music but it’s across the board too - from culinary arts to computing to business and management, to journalism, international tourism, biomedical science, social care, and lots of others.  It’s interesting – we keep telling students to really look into what is involved in a particular programme and this year it’s obvious from their acceptances that they’re doing just that!”

The total number of places in DIT has increased this year by almost 500 and the Admissions team will make every effort to ensure that all qualified applicants receive an offer for one of their top choices.  They advise students to accept as quickly as possible to ensure they get their place.

As for those who have already accepted, you will soon receive emails from Campus Life with details about registration, and watch out for  your Campus Life welcome pack coming to you by post – in its distinctive “Get Wild about DIT” green envelope.  The Campus Life team have placed a warning notice on the outside of the pack – it says: “Warning: Not opening this pack could seriously damage your college experience!”.  Our advice?  Take their advice!

Everyone in DIT is getting ready to welcome our new students so enjoy the last days of summer and see you in September!

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