Presentation of Research Findings to the Czech Parliament in Prague


4th April 2011

Dr. John Hogan, of the College of Business, DIT, recently presented the findings from research on global lobbying regulations, conducted in collaboration with colleagues Dr. Raj Chari (TCD) and Prof. Gary Murphy (DCU), to a conference held in the lower house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Poslanecká snemovna Parlamentu Ceské republiky).  This conference was organised by the Respekt Institut in conjunction with the British, Norwegian, German and US embassies in Prague.  In attendances were parliamentary deputies, delegations from each of the embassies, the directors of the Respekt Institut and members of the Czech media.  The aim of the conference was to assess the possibility of regulating lobbying in the Czech Republic, and what this might mean for future relations between politicians and the business community there.  John spoke on the issue of lobbying regulations currently in place in various countries, states and provinces around the world and what the Czech government might be able to learn from their experiences of regulating their lobbying industries.  John’s hour long presentation was conducted from his office in the DIT Aungier Street, and streamed directly to the Czech Parliament via a Skype connection.  The research being conducted by John and his colleagues is funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS). 

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