DIT celebrates the conferring of the Class of 2011

DIT celebrates first graduation ceremony for the Class of 2011

15 October, 2011: The first DIT graduation for “the class of 2011” took place today in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, when more than 800 graduates of DIT’s College of Science and Health were conferred with their awards.


DIT’s annual graduation ceremonies will see some 4,000 students conferred with their awards.  Today’s ceremony saw students graduate in areas that range from computing and mathematics, to environmental health, food science and forensic science.

As well as recognising the considerable achievements of all the students involved, the ceremony included a number of very significant 'firsts' for the Institute – including the graduation of the first ever cohort of students from two programmes - the Higher Certificate in Mathematical Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Studies.  The conferring of Dr. Zhou is also a first – he is the first recipient of a Scholarship from the Chinese State Scholarship Commission to gain a PhD in Ireland.


Indeed, higher learning was definitely on the agenda of the graduation which saw a large number of graduates collect PhD degrees – 10 in total!

In his address to the Assembly, Professor Brian Norton, DIT President paid tribute to the new graduates:

“This generation – represented by the graduates here today - is the most highly educated in our history and the future of this country will be shaped by people like you. The human potential that exists here today in this magnificent cathedral is proof that the country can build for the future.  You have already proven to yourselves and to all of us what you are capable of and I have every confidence that you will go on to play your part and to make a difference. Seated among you are the leaders, innovators and change-makers of the future.   Your challenge now is to continue to educate yourselves, stay curious and seize every opportunity.”


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