DIT CREST win Innovation awards

15 November 2011: As part of the 2011 Innovation Dublin programme of events, CREST in DIT opened its doors today to allow visitors to experience a hands-on workshop followed by a working lunch seminar session.


Crest staff led a “paint failure – protecting your assets” investigation with their consultancy team. According to Yvonne Cadogan of CREST, “The workshop began with the preparation of a paint sample followed by an analytical investigation involving optical microscopy investigation, infra-red spectroscopy, and concluded with Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM).”

Visitors were then invited to a working lunch seminar during which energy efficiency expert, Barry Kennedy spoke about “Managing your Carbon Footprint”, delivered by energy efficiency expert, Barry Kennedy. This was followed by a talk onIP Management and Managing Expectations” delivered by Andy Gray, licensing expert with DIT Hothouse.

  • Barry Kennedy has most recently worked as New Business and Strategic Program Manager for Ireland Fab Operations in Intel and is currently on secondment as CEO of two new cross sector research centres for manufacturing productivity (ICMR – Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research) and energy efficiency (I2E2 – Innovation for Irelands Energy Efficiency). These centres are being set up in partnership with multinational and national indigenous companies across ICT, pharmaceutical, bio medical, heavy industry and food sectors.
  • Andy Gray is the Senior Licensing Executive at Hothouse, the industry leading technology transfer office at DIT. Since joining DIT in 2008, Andy has identified, valued, marketed and pitched 50+ early stage technologies nationally and internationally and evaluated hundreds more from diverse sectors. He has also managed multiple funding applications to secure €1m+ for DIT research and industrial collaboration and helped shape DIT and State Agency policy on wide ranging issues including technology / knowledge transfer, company formation and intellectual property. More recently, in 2010, Andy negotiated 11 commercial licenses and led the formation of three DIT start-up companies.


CREST innovation success was to the fore at the recent Enterprise Ireland awards where three awards were presented to DIT colleagues in CREST. The recipients were:

  • Brendan Duffy and Michael Whelan – C&F Automotive
  • Suresh Pillai – SmartGlass/Gem/Yoruba
  • John Colreavy – FSW Coatings


Some of the same award winners also collected awards at the DIT Hothouse Annual Showcase which took place once again this year in Croke Park. The Hothouse Awards presented to CREST colleagues were for the following licences:

  • Brendan Duffy, John Colreavy, Hugh Hayden and Rajath Varma for:
    • Licensing anti-corrosion coatings to C&F Automotive.
  • Michael Whelan, John Colreavy and Hugh Hayden for:
    • Licensing anti-bacterial coating for joinery products to Gem Group.
  • John Colreavy, Michael Whelan and Hugh Hayden for:
    • Licensing anti-bacterial coatings for glass to Smartglass International Ltd.
  • Hugh Hayden, John Colreavy and Michael Whelan for:
    • Licensing anti-bacterial coatings for stainless steel products to Yoruba Ltd.


CREST will also be among Europe’s best innovators and researchers participating in the first major EU Innovation Convention, which takes place in Brussels next week from 5 – 6 December 2011.

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