DIT Hothouse Graduate Wins Investment from Arthur Guinness Fund

9th August 2011

DIT Hothouse graduate company, Decisions For Heroes, has been awarded €100,000 investment and professional business monitoring from the 2011 Arthur Guinness Fund. Decisions for Heroes provide a web based service that helps rescue workers deploy their resources with more efficiency.

Founder, Robin Blandford explained how the company will be using the investment, which will be paid in two instalments of €50k over two years.

 "We’ll be looking at how better to capture and analyse data, improving our statistics and charts, and focusing on predictive analysis. We’re also planning to broaden our mobile applications, and launch a service which will allow rescue teams on site to send real-time images and audio data of a rescue situation back to their command post."

Robin Blandford, Director and Donnchadh Mac Cobb, Lead Co-ordinator of Emergency Response Teams - Decisions for Heroes

The Arthur Guinness Fund, along with Arthur’s Day was established as part of the Guinness brand's 250th celebrations in 2009. Guinness kick started the fund with a €2.5 million investment, which is making a significant and positive transformational impact on entrepreneurs.

Investment by the Arthur Guinness Fund in Decisions For Heroes means the Decisions for Heroes team can work to enhance their technology, and secure big national contracts with rescue operations in other countries.  The company’s web-based crew management analysis tool available to all emergency response teams globally.¿

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