DIT introduces suite of new programmes


23rd August 2011

DIT welcomes the 2011-2012 academic year with a suite of new programmes on offer.  In addition to 13 new programmes at undergraduate level, DIT has also introduced a new suite of postgraduate options and a number of highly innovative programmes designed in collaboration with industry, local and international partners, and with professional bodies.  As examples:

  • DIT, in partnership with ICT Ireland, has introduced the MSc in Applied Software Technology –which offers a fully-funded Masters and a guaranteed job on satisfactory completionThe programme, the first of its kind has been developed to address the growing demand for software engineers in Ireland.
  • In May 2011, DIT launched its new part-time degree programme in Fire Engineering. Developed in collaboration with the Institution of Fire Engineers, DIT’s new B Eng Tech degree in Fire Engineering provides a new and valuable opportunity for people to train, upskill and develop their career within the general fire services sector. A key feature of this new programme is the recognition of prior learning, which is particularly relevant to a programme such as this. Mature applicants in this area frequently have a range of prior knowledge, work experience, professional and academic qualifications. This programme offers a means of obtaining a formal qualification while gaining maximum credit for experience, and is also suitable for people who wish to gain a qualification to allow them  to work in the fire services/fire engineering sector. This programme represents a new approach to programme development  that supports lifelong learning. It serves as a prototype for the development of future programmes which will maximise the opportunity of students to undertake higher study on a flexible basis which is compatible with their working careers
  • Recognising changing media trends DIT, in association with the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI), has launched a part time Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Digital Communication.
  • DIT has introduced the MSc in Construction Informatics.  Available full or part time, this exciting new course has been designed to respond to demand for an additional qualification in this technical area for experienced professionals in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.
  • DIT has developed and launched a dual master’s degree in Sustainability, Technology & Innovation designed in collaboration with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Barcelona, Spain and Purdue University, Indiana, USA.  This innovative programme provides students with global perspectives on technology, technology management and sustainability.  Students will spend one semester at DIT, one semester at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and two semesters at Purdue University.  Along with modules in the thematic areas of sustainability, technology and innovation, students will also engage in Spanish/English language and cultural learning activities.
  • DIT is continually developing and enhancing its course offering to respond to both the needs of its students and the demands of the employment market.  For 2011/12 DIT is introducing 13 new undergraduate programmes, some of which are the first of their kind in Ireland including the highly anticipated DT506 Commercial Modern Music programme and DT507Ghaeilgedon Saol Proifisiúnta (Irish for Professional Purposes), a unique and highly-innovative 4-year honours degree programme which will prepare graduates to function professionally through the medium of Irish in a wide variety of career paths.
  • Government-led initiatives resulting in the inclusion of Irish as an official language of the EU in 2007, and the recently published policy document Straitéis 20 Bliain don Ghaeilge 2010-2030 (20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language) have led to a significant increase in employment opportunities for Irish language graduates.  DIT has responded by introducing DT507 Ghaeilgedon Saol Proifisiúnta (Irish for Professional Purposes), a unique and highly-innovative 4-year honours degree programme which will prepare graduates to function professionally through the medium of Irish in a wide variety of career paths.  Some 16 undergraduate programmes in DIT have Irish language as a significant component.
  • DIT already offers over 30 programmes that are unique in Ireland.  The new DT506 Commercial Modern Music programme is another example.  DIT has partnered with BIMM (Brighton & Bristol Institute of Modern Music), the renowned UK rock school, to establish the first ever honours degree in Commercial Modern Music in Ireland.  This new course equips students with the tools to gain a career in a range of roles within the global music industry, including artist management, live music production, performance and publishing.
  • DIT already has some 4000 full time students studying across 35 programmes in a range of creative disciplines.  Consolidating its position as the nation’s largest centre of education for the creative and cultural industries the Institute has now added four new undergraduate programmes - DT506 Commercial Modern Music, DT504 Film & Broadcasting, DT505 Film & Broadcasting with a Language, and DT533 Visual & Critical Studies.


New DIT Undergraduate Programmes for 2011 in CAO

Level 8 Honours Degree

  1. DT398 Human Resource Management
  2. DT399 Economics & Finance
  3. DT506 Commercial Modern Music
  4. DT533 Visual & Critical Studies
  5. DT760 Languages & International Tourism
  6. DT504 Film & Broadcasting  
  7. DT505 Film & Broadcasting with a Language

Level 7 Ordinary Degree

  1. DT598 Visual Merchandising & Display

Apply direct to DIT in 2011, in CAO in 2012

Level 8 Honours Degree

  1. DT321 Business & Law
  2. DT507 Ghaeilge don Saol Proifisiunta (Irish for Professional Purposes)

Level 7 Ordinary Degree

  1. DT169 Timber Product Technology

Level 6 Higher Certificate

  1. DT170 Buildings Management (Maintenance & Conservation)

New DIT Undergraduate Programmes in 2012

Level 8 Honours Degree

  1. DT532 Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) 

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