DIT launches new degree in Fire Engineering


Pictured at the DIT launch of new part-time programme in Fire Engineering is Dr. Mike Murphy, Director and Dean of the College of Engineering and Built Environment, DIT, Joan Burton, T.D., Minister for Social Protection; and James Farrell, President of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

28th June 2011¿

On 30th May 2011, the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, launched the new DIT part-time degree programme in Fire Engineering. DIT has developed the new B Eng Tech degree in collaboration with the Institution of Fire Engineers. It will provide members of the fire service with the opportunity to gain formal recognition for their extensive expertise and to develop their knowledge of new areas of fire safety technology and prevention. The first students are expected to start the programme in September 2011.


Sharing knowledge and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments has always been vital in a dynamic and complex sector such as fire safety. Practitioners in the field need to keep pace with developments in a vast array of areas including technology, construction, and sustainability.



DIT’s new B Eng Tech degree in Fire Engineering provides a new and valuable opportunity for people to train, upskill and develop their career within the general fire services sector. A key feature of this new programme is the recognition of prior learning, which is particularly relevant to a programme such as this. Mature applicants in this area frequently have a range of prior knowledge, work experience, professional and academic qualifications. This programme will provide a means for them to obtain a formal qualification while gaining maximum credit for their existing knowledge and learning. It will also be suitable for people who wish to gain a qualification which will allow them to work in the fire services/fire engineering sector.


This programme represents a new approach to programme development which is learner centred and supports lifelong learning. It serves as a prototype for the development of future programmes which will maximise the opportunity of students to undertake higher study on a flexible basis which is compatible with their working careers. It is also planned that an honours degree programme will be developed for graduates of this programme, providing a pathway for career development to higher levels both within the fire service and in the general sector.¿

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