4th October 2011


In 2011, the DIT established The Lead, Engage, Achieve, Develop (LEAD) module to encourage, promote and support student’s development of a range of employability skills through engagement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as volunteering, mentoring, and involvement in DIT Clubs, Societies and DITSU.

The LEAD Module aims to recognise and award credit to the important learning that takes place outside the confines of formal academic study and which contributes to an overall enhanced student experience.

With over 80 active Societies, 40 Clubs, a vibrant Students’ Union as well as a growing culture of volunteering and involvement it is clear that DIT students are very heavily engaged in a myriad of activities beyond the confines of the lecture hall, lab, or studio in their college community and beyond. The module was designed to recognise the high level of commitment demonstrated by students who take a leadership role within these extra-curricular and co-curricular activities as well as the personal and professional development skills that they gain through this engagement

  • Applications open Friday the 30th of September
  • Applications close Monday the 10th of October at 9am
  • Interviews for LEAD Thursday and Friday 13th, 14th of October
  • LEAD begins 28th of October
  • Submission Date 01/06/11

Why Do it?

Students who successfully complete the Lead Module will receive 5 extra ECTS credits as well as the DIT LEAD Award Certificate. Students’ awareness of the rising competitiveness of the graduate job market is growing. More and more students look towards extracurricular activities for experience to gain the competitive edge over other graduates, which they know will put them in a higher chance of securing a graduate job.

What employers are saying?

“Meaningful volunteering experience enables students to develop and demonstrate a range of core skills highly valued by employers: from problem solving to leadership to communication skills. Undertaking DIT’s LEAD module also demonstrates motivation and commitment to active citizenship and will certainly enhance your CV. I highly recommend it”

Turlough O’ Sullivan - former Director General of IBEC

Who can do it?

Students who have a track record of active involvement and leadership in voluntary extra-curricular activities in Clubs, Societies, Students’ Union, the community are prime candidates to apply.

What do the Students have to do?

As well as demonstrating that you have the commitment and the opportunities to be able to complete the module assessment, you will be required to participate in a number of full day, half day and short training modules organised by the LEAD module team throughout the year. Each participant negotiates a personal development plan of activities with their tutor as part of this process. This plan is reviewed during the module and then submitted as part of the module assessment.

Students present a submission which will contain evidence of participation in their chosen activities, which requires the articulation and reflection of the student’s development in the following three of eight skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Initiative and enterprise
  5. Planning and organising
  6. Self management
  7. Learning
  8. Technology

How is the module assessed?

The module is assessed through submission of a portfolio of evidence comprising:

  1. LEAD - Personal leadership and personal development plan (approx 300 words)
  2. ENGAGE - log of engagement in activities( approx 300 words per skill + evidence)
  3. ACHIEVE – reflections upon personal achievements (approx 800 words)
  4. DEVELOP – summary of your personal development journey (approx 300 words)


How do I get involved?

  • Step 1: Attend an information session
  • Step 2: Register for Lead and fill in application online
    • Deadline is 10th of October at 9am
  • Step 3: - If short listed attend an interview on the 13th & 14th of October
  • Step 4: Attend Mandatory Training day on Friday the 28th of October

Successful applicants are assigned a Mentor and will have a range of workshop and training sessions organised for them to guide them through the process.

What students say who successfully completed the LEAD Award 2011

"It is a good way to develop your leadership skills and employability skills”

“It is a great way of applying events to skills and vice versa. It is going to be helpful when going to interviews“

“I think it’s highly appropriate that students get recognised for the learning that goes on beyond the academic confines. The module is also very helpful in getting students to realise how they have benefited from their time in societies beyond merely socialising”

“You learn how to better represent yourself which is an important skill”

Contact for more information

Anita Conway
DIT Societies Officer

Mary Scally
DITSU Director of Academic Affairs

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