DIT researchers win international award for industry-focused research


20th September 2011

The 10th International Postgraduate Research Conference was held in the University of Salford last week, attended by postgraduates from across the world. The conference offers an important opportunity for built environment research candidates to meet together to gain an insight into current international research in their field, and to gain valuable conference experience. Keynote speakers included academics and practitioners who are renowned in various areas of built environment and a range of papers were presented in the various sessions that took place over the two-day event.

As part of the conference proceedings the award for "Best paper in industry focused research” at the Conference was presented to Daniel O’Neill, a postgraduate student in the School of Construction in DIT.  The prestigious award was sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

Daniel’s paper addressed the requirement for local authorities in the Republic of Ireland to upgrade their housing stock.  Given current limited financial resources at local government level, his research examines how Dublin City Council’s local authority housing, built prior to the introduction of the 1991 building regulations, can be upgraded.  Recognising that more cost efficiency is required, the paper proposes the introduction of ‘lean thinking’.   It identifies where monies are being wasted and how the waste can be eliminated to leave a lean financial model in place for the required upgrade. 

Dr. Marek Rebow, Head of Research in the College of Engineering and Built Environment in DIT congratulated Daniel.  Dr. Rebow said the award was a reflection of the high standard of work that Daniel continues to put into his research and of the quality of supervision by Peter Clarke and Dr. Louis Gunnigan.

The paper, written by Daniel O'Neill with Dr. Louis Gunnigan and Peter Clarke, is available now on Arrow, the DIT repository of research and publications, at  http://arrow.dit.ie/beschconcon/7/

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