DIT trains Gold Medal winner in Plastering

11 October 2011:  Gold Medal winner Gary Condon returned victorious last night with Team Ireland from WorldSkills 2011 which took place last week in London.  Gary won the Gold Medal in Plastering and Drywall Systems in the prestigious international competition which includes competitors from fifty-one countries in a wide range of craft skills.


Gary, who hails from Waterford, attended DIT’s School of Construction in Linenhall for Phase 4 of his Plastering Apprenticeship and has yet to complete his Phase 6.   According to Martin Sneyd in the School of Construction, “Gary’s winning project was constructed over four intense days of competition.  The tasks involved included dry wall construction, running decorative mould work on a bench, skimming, planting decorative and skirting mouldings. The superb ‘Big Ben’ piece photographed here demonstrated the technique element for which he received much praise.”

The city of Dublin has a very long history in the skill of plastering where decorative plasterwork developed to a high level from Georgian times.  With the current decline in new building, the emphasis during the next decade will be on reconstruction, maintenance and conservation of existing building stock and expertise in plastering will once again be in strong demand.  The School of Construction in DIT has continued to maintain high standards in the craft and winning Gold at the WorldSkills reflects great credit on Gary’s lecturers and tutors, including Peter McMullen, Aidan Kenny and Colin McAllorum. Credit and congratulations is also due to Joe Clarke from FÁS in Waterford who was Irish Plastering Expert at WorldSkills 2011 and who designed Gary’s special training programme.

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