DIT launches iFestival 2011 to celebrate the use of ICT across all ages in Dublin’s inner city


Pictured enjoying the exhibition  are Shane Lebuni and Nermin Gulijeva from Central Model Infants School, Marlborough Street.¿

16th June 2011

The work of 800 young people including primary and secondary school pupils as well as young people from community centres across Dublin's inner city is on display at this year’s iFestival exhibition, which was officially launched in the ILAC Centre on Friday 10th June.

An annual event organised by DIT, iFestival celebrates the outstanding achievements of the young pupils, teachers and facilitators involved in CLiC - the Computer Learning in Communities programme, run by Dublin Institute of Technology Community Links.


Pictured are Craig Dowling, Anna Lelashvilli, Telmun Batbayar and Siofra Kildee-Doolan, all from Central Model Infants School, Marlborough Street, Dublin, with their logiblocks electronic discovery system.¿

DIT’s CLiC programme runs in a number of schools and community centres across Dublin’s Inner City.  In the schools CLiC works by encouraging and assisting teachers to integrate ICT into the curriculum, to give the pupils an understanding and familiarity with the technologies, but also to enhance their learning experience and make learning fun and enjoyable. This initiative is also carried into the community centres where a structured computer programme for children has been developed.

According to Professor Tommy Cooke, Head of DIT Community Links Programme, "Computers are a very powerful tool for learning and offer excellent educational benefits. We have already seen tremendous results in the classrooms and community centres where DIT’s CLiC programme is in use.  In the primary and second level schools we have seen an improvement in pupil's attendance at school, concentration, behaviour and motivation to learn. They have enhanced self-esteem and confidence. Their creative and logical thinking and problem solving skills have advanced”.


Organised as an annual event by DIT’s CLiC programme, iFestival showcases the highly innovative ICT and multi-media projects carried out in the primary and secondary schools and the community centres involved in the CLiC programme.  The range of ICT and multi-media projects on display in this year’s iFestival includes comic making, animation, robotic Lego, movies, podcasting, multimedia, photo and poetry projects.

“iFestival  affords a wonderful opportunity to not only celebrate the amazing work of the schools, community centres and other supporting organisations but to share the experiences of those at the forefront of the use of technology in learning” added Prof. Cooke

iFestival 2011 will continue in the Central Library in Dublin City’s ILAC Centre for the month of June.  All are welcome and admission is free. For more information see www.ifestival.ie

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