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New guide for lecturers - Integrating information literacy into the curriculum¿

12 October 2011: Students face many challenges in essay writing, coping with college work and the skills to know the good from the bad and the ugly. Help is at hand for academic colleagues and tutors in the form of a new guide Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculum.  This is a State wide collaboration involving DIT,  the 7 Universities and the RCSI.  The guide is designed for lecturers who wish to fully engage their students, get the most from their time here,  and fulfill the academic potential of their students.   


The guide is full of practical information, case studies and helpful tips for programme committees and module teams. A shorter two page summary is available here and the full version of the guide is also available through the Library home page.

The better they cope, the better they learn.

Any staff wishing to discuss further or/and arrange Information Literacy sessions for their students should contact their local library.

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