Launch of ‘Introduction to Holography’ by Vincent Toal

15 December 2011:  A new textbook, An Introduction to Holography by Vincent Toal, was launched at a reception in Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street by the President of DIT, Professor Brian Norton.  The event was attended by colleagues past and present, as well as members of Professor Toal’s family.    Welcoming the guests, Dr. John Doran paid a personal tribute to the author who was his predecessor as  Head of the School of Physics in DIT and thanked him for his insight and for the example he had set as an active researcher before research became an established academic activity in DIT.


Congratulating Professor Toal on the publication of Introduction to Holography, Professor Norton described it as a seminal textbook and an admirable legacy for someone who has been at the forefront of education in Physics for many years.  Referring to the quote from Wittgenstein at the front of the book, that “Explanations come to an end somewhere”, Professor Norton said that this book will in fact be the beginning for other’s work.  “To quote Isaac Newton, “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”, Professor Toal’s work will provide just such a vantage point to future students.  The clarity of his explanations and the simplicity of the presentation is really thrilling.  Vincent has published widely throughout his career but this book offers a more rounded exposition of his very considerable knowledge and expertise than is perhaps possible in individual research papers.  My wish is that this book gets the readership that it most certainly deserves.”

Professor Toal acknowledged the President’s remarks and paid tribute to his colleagues  for their support - in particular to Dr. Suzanne Martin, manager of the Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics (IEO), Dr. Izabela Naydenova in the School of Physics, and the excellent library staff in DIT.   Enthusing about his subject, he said he had written the book for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, including those contemplating a research career as well as for more experienced scientists and engineers considering the application of holographic techniques to the solution of specific problems in widely diverse fields.   He thanked his family, and colleagues from other institutions who had come to celebrate the launch of Introduction to Holography.

Introduction to Holography by Vincent Toal is published by CRC press, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group.






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