DIT Learning Teaching & Technology Centre honoured by UK award¿


Miguel Brechner, Uruguayan Centre for Technological and Social Inclusion, (right) presents the ALT Learning Technology team award to Fionnghuala Kelly and Muireann O’Keeffe, members of the DIT Learning Teaching and Technology team ¿

15th September 2011

 The innovative DIT Learning Teaching & Technology team has won another well deserved accolade in the “Learning Technologist of the Year” awards. The awards were presented at the 2011 conference of the Association of Learning Technology which took place in Leeds this month. The DIT team were awarded joint 2nd prize in the team category for their ‘deep and enduring influence on provision at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), and the very professional way in which the staff of LTTC operate as a team.’

The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is the leading membership organisation in the UK in the field of learning technology. It aims to ensure that ‘the use of learning technology is effective and efficient, informed by research and practice, and grounded in an understanding of the underlying appropriate pedagogical approaches’.

Announcing the award to the DIT Learning Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC), the Judging Panel said they had been particularly impressed by passion and commitment of the team. In addition, they noted:

- their well-planned and structured approach to enhancing academic and elearning development at DIT; and

- the broader beneficial impact of the team on universities and colleges elsewhere in Dublin such as through strategic Innovation partnerships and innovations and the Dublin eLearning Summer school.

The judging panel was chaired by President of ALT, Carol Higgison; Dave White, University of Oxford; Kevin McLaughlin, St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, Leicestershire; Jane Hart, Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies; Peter Twining ,The Open University; and Christine Lewis, UK Ministry of Justice.

Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, congratulated his colleagues in the Learning Teaching & Technology Centre on their Award. “I am delighted that our colleagues in the Learning Teaching & Technology Centre have been acknowledged by their peers for the excellent job they do. The Judging Panel recognised their passion and spirit of partnership and the award is well deserved. It is also a reaffirmation of DIT’s long-standing leadership role for support in learning innovation in higher education in Ireland, and the Dublin eLearning Summer School highlighted by the Panel is a very good example of that.”

The ALT 2011 Conference website is http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc/alt-c-2011¿




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