Making a Mess of Academic Work


10th March 2011

The School of Social Sciences and Law in collaboration with the Centre of Social and Educational Research (CSER), DIT invites you to a seminar

Making a Mess of Academic Work’


Janice Malcolm Senior Lecturer in Higher Education and Academic Practice, University of Kent

Date:  Wednesday 23 March 2011 from 3 – 5pm

Venue:  Room 205 (2nd Floor), DIT, 40-45 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1. 


Within the policy discourse of academic work, teaching, research and administration are seen as discrete elements of practice; these divisions are apparent in both funding regimes and, increasingly, in managerial practices within HE. In this seminar I will explore some of the assumptions evident in these ‘official stories’ and contrast them with the ‘messy’ lived experience of academic work as purposive disciplinary practice. Increasingly complex and intrusive systems of managerial control and regulation, often imported from private sector management, construct academics as primarily corporate or institutional employees rather than as disciplinary actors, and have the effect of fragmenting aspects of disciplinary work and thus academic identity. Drawing upon research conducted among UK and Australian academics, the seminar will explore the implications of these developments for the future of meaningful academic work.

This seminar is run as part of the School of Social Sciences and Law and the CSER's programme to support research and scholarly activity for staff and research students.

For further information contact Dr. Mairead Seymour, School of Social Sciences and Law, To book a place, email

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