DIT Hothouse Company Mandac Agrees African Internet Deal


8th June 2011

Technology firm Mandac, a current participant in the DIT Hothouse Venture Programme, has signed a major contract to bring Internet access to rural East Africa. The deal, valued at €500,000, will see Mandac working with the European Space Agency, and partners Intersat Africa and Astra Broadband Service SA.

The  project will involve an initial deployment of more than 500 of Mandac’s ‘Wireless-To-Go’™ devices, that help distribute internet access, across five countries in East Africa over 12 months, with a further roll-out of 5,000 units over the next three years. Wireless-To-Go™ is a single box that helps people to distribute internet access and was designed in Ireland for the Middle-East and Africa. It works on the basis of pre-pay, uses very little power, and supports a range of languages and payment options, including scratch cards and mobile phone credit.

Commenting on the deal, John Murphy, Mandac founder said “what makes Wireless-To-Go™ special is its reliability and the fact that it requires no technical expertise on the ground. One button press and the shop is ready for business in 30 seconds. The pre-pay aspect of Wireless-To-Go™ removes all credit management risks. In Africa, where reliable power can be an issue,Wireless-To-Go™ doesn’t just help businesses in rural communities, it changes lives.”

Mandac are following in the footsteps of many previous participants on the Hothouse Venture Programme who have secured major international contracts. The signing of a major deal such as this shows that Irish entrepreneurs have the talent and capability to grow successful international businesses.

The European Space Agency which supports technical innovations they consider good and innovative and which address a particular need. Qualifying projects are evaluated under their ARTES (Advance Research in Telecommunications Systems) program. Wireless-To-Go™ is low-maintenance and can be parachuted anywhere, low-cost single solution box, low-power consumption means that it will run off a car battery and ticked a number of boxes.

Mandac is an Enterprise Ireland Client and John Murphy is a participant on the Hothouse Venture Programme for knowledge-intensive start-ups, which is supported by Enterprise Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology and the Bolton Trust. For further information on the DIT Hothouse Venture Programme click here

Further information on Mandac is available at ww.mandac.eu

Caption: Mandac founder John Murphy who has recently signed a major deal to bring internet access to rural Africa.¿

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