New issue of Irish Marketing Review published 

2nd December 2011: A new issue of Irish Marketing Review has just been published. This edition (vol. 21, no. 1 & 2) focuses significantly on marketing communications and advertising, and has contributions from a number of universities across the island.


An important article by the renowned advertising practitioner, Dr John Fanning, examines how Ireland’s identity internationally, its ‘nation’ brand, can be rebuilt in these difficult times. How social media platforms, like Facebook, are empowering the consumer is investigated in another. A case study on the University of Ulster describes how it uses an emotionally drive branding device to market itself better to potential students. DIT researchers address the academic-practitioner divide in marketing planning.


It’s Alive Inside! A Note on the Prevalence of Personification - Stephen Brown
… develops a taxonomy of brand personifications and attempts to account for the trope’s popularity in theory and practice, taking Guinness as a guiding exemplar.¿

Not so Quaint: Early Irish Reflections on Advertising - Colum J. Kenny
… contends that much early twentieth century advertising served not only manufacturers and other clients but also the ideological project of an Irish-Ireland.¿

Branding and Begorrah: The Importance of Ireland’s Nation Brand Image - John Fanning
… considers how best to capitalise on long-established, and widely recognised, positive aspects of Irish national identity, in order to build a nation brand image.¿

The Emergence of the Social Media Empowered Consumer - Clodagh O’Brien
… investigates how social media platforms have impacted on traditional relationship marketing concepts and how this has affected consumer expectations.¿

Informing the Marketing of Higher Education to Young People - Mark Durkin & Seamas McKenna
… examines how the University of Ulster used an emotionally driven branding device to better connect with potential undergraduate ‘customers’ in the UK and Ireland.¿

Questioning the Currency of Marketing Planning Today - Sarah Browne & Laura Cuddihy
… investigates the academic–practitioner divide in marketing planning, and proposes a reconceptualisation of the process as flexible, adaptive and integrative.¿

Challenges in Implementing the Markets-as-Networks Approach to Marketing for SMEs - Helen McGrath & Thomas O’Toole
… presents the markets-as-networks approach to building marketing relationships as an alternative method to access the resources needed to grow the small business.¿

Further information

Irish Marketing Review is published with the support of the Dublin Institute of Technology and the Marketing Institute of Ireland, the representative body of the marketing profession. A complimentary hard copy of the issue is available on request from its editor, Dr Aidan O’Driscoll, at

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