Success for DIT at ACM Collegiate programming Competition in UCC


7th April 2011

Congratulations to team 08HITDIT from the DIT School of Computing who took FIRST PLACE in the ACM Collegiate programming Competition in UCC (Cork) on Saturday 26 March. The team battled against 16 other teams from higher education institutes across Ireland in a gruelling all day coding marathon, but emerged clear winners at the end. Said team member Rongchen Jia, "We have been training for this for the past year doing problems each week to improve our programming and problem solving skills".

The ACM Collegiate programming competition challenges teams to create solutions to programming problems in the quickest time possible. Over the course of the day the teams are presented with the problems, which they can solve using any programming language they choose. The contest fosters creativity, teamwork, and innovation in building new software programs, and enables students to test their ability to perform under pressure.

Team 08HITDIT members are:

  • Jinwu Li    
  • Rongchen Jia    
  • Meng Cui

Also representing DIT were:

Team core3:

  • Bin Han    
  • Yan Li    
  • Wenyi Huang

Team HITMan:    

  • Wenxin Shi    
  • Zejun Wu    
  • Zhen Lao

Team Jamie:

  • Jamie Osler    
  • Kiril Kirilov    
  • Eoin Rogers

Team The Shoes

  • Jiefeng Yu    
  • Shuliang Hong    
  • Wei Wang

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