DIT Higher Education Policy Seminar Series


26th May 2011

Diversification of Knowledge and the Civil Society Agenda: Theoretical Propositions and Practical Realities

You are invited to attend a seminar in a series hosted by the Higher Education Policy Research Unit, Dublin Institute of Technology

Have concepts such as ‘research’ vs. ‘teaching’, ‘regional’ vs. ‘world-class’ become the new weapons in global battle for excellence? To what extent do these trends align with or diverge from public policy objectives? What are the policy and institutional options?

For many governments, the world-class university has become the panacea for ensuring success in the global economy, with governments pursuing more elite agendas, aided and abetted by global rankings which reify a particular higher education model and conceptualisation of research, which privileges some disciplines and HEIs, often with consequences for investment in other policy objectives. However, it is not obvious that investment in this elite model of knowledge creation will create sufficient transferable and exploitable patentable knowledge, and it could reduce over-all national capacity for a sustainable knowledge society. Has the public interest become confused with self-interest? There is some evidence of a backlash, with growing policy interest and support for focusing on the capacity of ‘the system as a whole’ rather than simply rewarding the achievements of elites
and flagship institutions.

Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, (Director of Research and Enterprise, Dean of the Graduate Research School, DIT, Head of the Higher Education Policy Research Unit) will examine these tensions and the way they are playing out globally at both system and institutional levels, arguing that in contrast to the last century which focused on expanding access to higher education, this period is marked by an intensification of reputation and new forms of (social) differentiation between institutions.

Date: Friday 3 June 2011
Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm, Registration from 12:00pm (A light lunch will be provided)
Venue: Board Room, DIT, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin 1
RSVP: Síobhan Gavin - siobhan.gavin@dit.ie
Hosted by: Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU)¿

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