Student exhibition in Shanghai¿

14th November 2011: As a result of sucessful ongoing student and staff collaborations with our partners in Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA), Fudan University, Shanghai, a group of 17 DIT Visual Communication Design, 3rd and 4th year students and two lecturers travelled on a field trip for 10 days to Shanghai during the first week of November. The DIT students were involved in a visual research imagemaking projects in the city and were involved in a two collaborative projects with their counterparts SIVA Vis Com students. This culminated in a public exhibition and reception in V Gallery in the prestigious M50 Art area in Shanghai of a project of student interpretations of Folk tales from East and West.


DIT and SIVA students¿

The exhibition was opened by Austin Gormley, Consul General, Irish Consulate General of Ireland, Shanghai (incidentally, ex College of Marketing and Design student) and Professor Zhang Tong, Dean of the School of Design, SIVA. The previous collaborative project between DIT and SIVA students was last October in two public projects in the Irish Pavillion during the World Fair, EXPO, Shanghai. More public projects, student and post graduate student and staff exchanges are planned for 2012 between DIT and SIVA.   


DIT Lecturer John Short, SIVA Lecturer Yijia Wang, Krassi and Austin Gormley, Consul General and spouse, SIVA Professor Zhang Tong, SIVA Professor Ding Yi and DIT Lecturer Tom Kelly¿


DIT Lecturer, John Short, SIVA Lecturer Yijia Wang, Irish Consul General Austin Gormley and DIT Lecturer Tom Kelly¿

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