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12th August 2011


The technology sector in Ireland is thriving.  Over 2,500 jobs have been created in the sector since January, and demand for skilled individuals across an array of disciplines is growing.

According to a recent bulletin from the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs occupations where there are skills shortages and vacancies include: Software engineers: particularly, designers and developers with specific skill sets (e.g. Linux, VB .NET, Ruby on Rails, Java, C# and C++); demand is particularly strong for those with a combination of IT skills (most often C++, Java and Summit).  Other technology areas that are expected to perform strongly in the coming years are cloud computing and data analytics, for which Ireland is well placed to acquire a considerable share of the international market.

DIT is addressing this demand through a variety of programmes including the development of tailor made conversion courses.   The School of Computing at DIT offers courses at Masters and other levels to applicants who wish to transition into the thriving ICT sector from other sectors. These programmes are suitable for individuals with diverse backgrounds, including architecture, law, finance, business and engineering, as well as others who wish to develop further their skills in Computing and IT, and acquire a high quality qualification.

Despite the recession, Ireland has retained the ability to attract jobs in the ICT sector, with over 2,500 new high-tech jobs having been announced in 2011 alone, and over 7,000 jobs since the recession began in 2008. Computing jobs remain among the most difficult for employers to fill in Ireland.  According to Ciaran O’Leary, School of Computing, DIT; “Now is an opportune time to secure employment in this thriving sector and DIT is offering a number of ICT courses providing individuals with a recognised qualification in the area as well as excellent employment prospects.”

DIT's part time programmes are designed to be flexible and highly relevant for industry. Many of these programmes include structured placement and experiential learning opportunities, and all have been designed to meet very clear needs from industry, with strong industry involvement in the design.¿ Programmes are available without fees for Springboard applicants. Applications are also invited for full-time and part-time students for Masters and Bachelors programmes.

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