2nd edition of Engineering Project Appraisal published

27 September 2012: The second edition of Engineering Project Appraisal by DIT authors Aidan Duffy and Martin Rogers has just been published in paperback by Wiley-Blackwell.  Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students in civil engineering, planning and construction management courses, it describes the analytical tools needed to carry out effective appraisals of alternative development schemes using both economic and non-economic criteria. The building blocks of economic appraisal are covered early, leading to techniques such as net present worth, internal rate of return and annual worth. Cost Benefit Analysis is dealt with in detail, together with related methods such as Cost Effectiveness and the Goal Achievement Matrix. The text also details multi-criteria models which have proved useful in the evaluation of proposals in the transportation, solid waste, energy and water resources fields.

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Authors Aidan Duffy and Martin Rogers, lecturers in the College of Engineering and Built Environment, DIT

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