Arctic adventure for DIT Space Research Group

16th March 2012: A team of DIT students and postgrads of Mechanical, Manufacturing & Design Engineering has travelled to the Arctic Circle to launch their Telescobe experiment into space, as part of the REXUS programme, run by the European Space Agency.  The launch takes place next Thursday 22 March from the Esrange Space Station in Northern Sweden.


The DIT engineering team has developed a multi-section boom that collapses to a very compact size in much the same way as an internal television aerial collapses. The whole experiment fits into a module only 25 cm in height and its compact design and simple operation should lead to a more cost effective and reliable method for probe deployment.


Kiruna Airport

Led by postgraduate student Stephen Curran, the team of mechanical engineers includes Paul Duffy, Johnalan Keegan, Mark Wylie, Dinesh Vather, Mark Nolan, Keelan Keogh, Ronan Byrne and Sean Ludlow.  The project advisor is Professor Marek Rebow who is Head of Research in the DIT College of  Engineering and Built Environment.


The Northern Lights

Team Telescobe is the first Irish team to be invited to travel to Esrange and to have their experiment included in the REXUS launch.  It is their second visit, but last year’s launch had a last-minute hitch.   This time the School of Media in DIT have collaborated with their engineering colleagues and have sent two media graduates to document the team’s adventure day by day. The media team are Frankie Whelan, journalism graduate and currently doing a postgraduate programme in creative digital media; and Liane Costello, Media Arts graduate.  They hope to attract interest in the experiment through their blog and stunning photos from the Arctic Circle.


The Ice Hotel

You can follow this exciting project right up to the launch on their blog at or on Facebook at

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You can watch the launch of the REXUS rocket with the Telescobe experiment on board on Thursday at this link:

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