Ballymun Lullaby nominated for prestigious IFTA

Dublin, 18 January, 2012: Ballymun Lullaby, the inspirational documentary about DIT’s Ballymun Music Programme, has been nominated for a prestigious IFTA (Irish Film and Television Award). The IFTAs, the Irish version of the Oscars, celebrate Irish talent on screen.  Ballymun Lullaby has been selected for the award of best original music score in a film.  Ballymun Lullaby and composer Darragh O’Toole will now compete against productions such as Love/Hate and Legends of Valhalla in the Original Score category at the IFTA awards which will be broadcast on RTÉ from Dublin's Convention Centre Dublin on Saturday, February 11.


The Ballymun Music Programme is a very successful initiative of the DIT Community Links programme. Led by Ron Cooney, and founded nearly 15 years ago, this unique programme has a very simple agenda: to provide an introduction to music through free music lessons in a community that had almost no access to music education. The programme caught the attention of filmmaker (and DIT Graduate) Frank Berry three years ago when he decided to bring the story of the programme, the students and the dedicated teachers to the big screen.

The result is Ballymun Lullaby, a heart-warming feature length film that documents Music Director, Ron Cooney and children from the Ballymun Music Programme as they prepare for the recording of their first CD ‘Ballymun Lullaby’.  With the help of composer Daragh O’Toole and the RTE Concert Orchestra, the kids are involved with the EP’s entire production, from writing and singing the lyrics to playing the music.

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