Can’t decide which type of Engineering is for YOU?

20th March 2012: Many students know that engineering is the career they want to pursue, but until they get to college they’re not too sure which area of the profession would excite them the most.  Responding to that feedback from second-level students and first year college students, DIT has launched an exciting new one-year engineering programme. Simply called Engineering (General Entry) DT097, the programme offers a comprehensive introduction to engineering maths and science, and includes modules that focus  on real engineering design problems.


According to Eddie Conlon, Programme Chair and lecturer, Engineering (General Entry) DT097 is an ideal option for someone who wants to be an engineer but needs to find out more about what is involved.  “This new one-year programme gives students a wide-ranging introduction to the engineering profession.  There is a unique focus on group projects and students will have opportunities to explore aspects of the different engineering disciplines.  Our aim is to give our students a sound basis on which they can base their decision to choose the right degree programme for them.”

Conlon feels that students will really benefit from this hands-on introduction to engineering. 

“After their first year in college they will have access to the full range of engineering programmes in DIT, at both Level 7 and Level 8 and they will know what their choice involves.   I advise any CAO applicant, if you’re not quite sure about your initial choices, take a look here at DT097, or contact me directly to discuss your options.  Remember the CAO offers a ‘change of mind’ facility, so it’s not too late to do just that!”

Eddie Conlon can be contacted at 4024059  or

DT097 replaces Preliminary Engineering (DT020), and qualifies for the free fees initiative.  Successful completion allows for Advanced Entry directly into year 2 of nearly all DIT Level 7 Engineering programmes.  Entry into Year 1 of some Level 8 programmes (DT021, DT025, DT081) will be dependent on a high average mark and a high mark in mathematics.

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