Chemistry Students Back from Malawi

30th May 2012: Pictured are Zehui Ma and Richie King, both students from the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT. As part of their third year work placement, the pair recently travelled to Malawi with the charity, Wells for Zoe, and spent 6 weeks there. Assistance was provided by the DIT Students Learning With Communities office. During their time away, they worked to support science teachers and agriculture projects and the picture also shows some of the secondary school students they met. Now that they are back on Irish soil, they are working on a project aimed at improving the methods by which chemistry and physics are taught at secondary school level in Malawi.


Zehui and Richie are continuing to look for donations of teaching equipment such as secondary school science text books and basic lab equipment. Cash donations are also very welcome! Both students can be contacted at

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