Class Rep Recruitment in full swing in DIT

26 September 2012: Glenn Fitzpatrick, Vice President, Education & Welfare in DIT Students’ Union (DITSU) reports that the recruitment drive to get Class Reps elected is well underway.


It's that time of year again - DIT Students’ Union is running its Class Rep Recruitment campaign to ensure that every class in DIT has a voice. With the landscape of Irish Higher Education constantly changing, the need for student input into quality assurance procedures has never been so vital. As the sole representative of the student voice within DIT, the Union depends on class reps to facilitate the crucial two-way informational flow, ensuring that every student is kept in the loop and that the SU team is able to catch issues before they fester.

Perhaps the most useful way that class reps contribute to quality assurance is by taking their place on their course's Programme Committee. This is a forum where the class rep sits at the same table as their lecturers and discusses the direction of the course, what's working and what needs to change.  What's more is that they sit at the table with the staff as equals. In light of the drive to ensure that every student in DIT has the best representation possible, Dr. Michael Mulvey, Director of Academic Affairs, encourages lecturing staff to facilitate the DITSU College Officers and Sabbaticals when they knock on their classroom door.

"In line with the Institute’s Handbook for Academic Quality Enhancement, Class Representatives need to be appointed for each year of each programme in Institute. The Students’ Union will be visiting classes over the next few weeks to facilitate the election of Class Representatives. If you could assist the students union to elect Class Representatives, it would be greatly appreciated as the participation of class representatives in programme committees is a vital component of the Institute’s quality enhancement culture."

In the coming days, posters will be visible throughout the Institute with two clear messages for all students. First and foremost, without a class rep, there is far less likely to be a solution to any issue that your class may encounter inside or outside the classroom during your time in DIT. In addition to this, DITSU stress that it doesn't matter what kind of a personality you have. Whether you are a party animal or a political animal, you can still be the leader of your pack. DITSU will also be taking all elected class reps away for a day of training in the Hilton Hotel on Friday 12th October, providing them with all of the necessary skills to be the most effective representative for their peers. DITSU President, David Keogan has issued a rallying call to students who wish to be a positive force for change in DIT.

"Class reps are the most important cog to generating a positive experience for the DIT student. They work with DIT on issues with their class, bring issues to our attention, lets the class know about discounts, events and campaigns or organise a social event for their class to have a good time. If you don't have a Class Rep, then DIT or we in DITSU  don't know what to change or how to help you. If you have a query and you don't know where to go, get your Class Rep onto it."

Alongside the duty of representing the views of the class, the class rep also reaps several benefits from the role. As the main point of contact for the class, it offers a fantastic opportunity to get to know everybody. The social aspect of the role is not to be underestimated. Through getting involved in the Union, class reps meet like-minded people and often make a whole new circle of friends. There's also the benefit of sorting the class out with good deals at social occasions, leading to things like VIP treatment.

The overarching moral of the story is that class reps are an integral part of college life. Every student needs one, DITSU needs them and DIT needs them even more. The leaflet being circulated by the Union makes it crystal clear that things won't always go according to plan during one's time in 3rd level education.

So the question begs, have you elected your class rep yet?

Check out or your local Students’ Union Office for more details.

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