Debate - Is the world a better place without religion?


6th February 2011: On Tuesday 7th February, DIT Debate Soc is proud to co-host its first debate with the DIT Islamic Society. This Tuesday 7th February at 6pm in the Michael O'Donnell Theatre DIT Bolton St, Debate Soc and Islamic soc are debating whether the world would be a better place without religion. Speaking at this event will be the Chair of Atheist Ireland and DIT graduate Mr Michael Nugent, and Hamza Andreas Tzortzis a well known speaker and scholar on Islam. In an ever more secular world dominated by consumerism and greed, is it a mistake that we are turning our backs on religion? Or can humanity retain it’s morality without the guidance and promise of heaven or hell that religion provides? Debate and Islamic soc invite everyone to join us to discuss these questions with us. Light halal refreshments will be provided for everyone after the debate.

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