DIT facilitates Qualifications Frameworks Knowledge Exchange

7th February 2011


Ms Carmel Kelly, National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) accepts a set 5 issues of the European Journal of Qualifications and two research reports from Ms Catalina Hirceag, Qualifications Authority of Romania, at a DECIS partner meeting in DIT Rathmines last week.

The journals and reports presented to Ms Kelly are an output from the EU Lifelong Learning HEQ-Bridges Project: Building Bridges between the EQF-LLL and the QF-EHEA, http://www.heqbridges.eu which finished in September last and in which the DIT was one of ten partners. The journals and reports can be accessed through the homepage of the DIT online journal Level3 at : http://level3.dit.ie

Dr Anne Murphy, Level3 editor, is a member of the Board of Editors for the European Qualifications Journal and Dr Frank McMahon is a member of the Advisory Board.

The two research reports presented are:

  • Comparative assessment of terminology and qualifications framework design, 2011: authors - Dr Anne Murphy and Dr Tom Duff
  • Case studies in sector qualifications: qualifications provision, job descriptions, learning outcomes and framework placement, 2011: authors – Dr Anne Murphy, Professor Alain Nicolas and Dr Sorin Zaharia

The DIT is continuing its collaborations with the Romanian Qualifications Authority through a partnership in the DECIS project: Building capacity for implementation of the higher education qualifications system in Romania 2011-2014. DIT staff from Academic Affairs (Dr Anne Murphy and Mr Bill Grimson) and from The College of Science and Health (Dr Anne Greene and Dr Ciaran O’Leary) are working with the Bucharest University of Technology and the Romanian Qualifications Authority in the design of an e-learning platform for training of qualifications evaluators and university staff in Romania.

These research and development activities are yet another phase in mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise begun by study visits to the DIT by Romanian university rectors and qualifications authority staff in 2007 organised by Dr Frank McMahon and Dr Tom Duff, by participation by DIT academic staff in the University in Society (UNiSo) Summer Schools in Paris, Timisiora, Amiens and Iasi. http://www.dep.u-picardie/fr/uniso2011/index.php?lang=en , and by contributions to the Romanian NQF/HE-ERHA compatibility conference 2011 in Bucharest by Dr Tom Duff and Dr Anne Murphy.

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