DIT Fiosraigh Research Excellence Award presented to Dr Yuliya Semenova

21 November 2012: The winner of the DIT Fiosraigh Research Excellence Award 2012 is Dr. Yuliya Semenova of DIT’s Photonics Research Centre.  This is the most prestigious research award made by DIT and it recognises excellence in research by individual researchers.


The purpose of the award scheme is to recognise, encourage and reward DIT staff for their contribution to research.  The winner receives funding to support a full-time PhD student which includes a stipend of €16,000 and €2,000 for project costs for each of four years. The PhD student is known as a Dublin Institute of Technology Fiosraigh Scholar. 


Dr. Dr. Yuliya Semenova is a lecturer and senior researcher in the Photonics Research Centre in DIT.  Her research interests include liquid crystals, photonics and fiber optic sensing.  She was presented with her Fiosraigh Research Excellence Award at the 3rd Annual Postgraduate Research Symposium which took place in DIT Aungier Street in November 2012. This annual event which aims to foster cross-fertilization of DIT research activities comprises a series of oral presentations and poster displays delivered by DIT postgraduate research students following a competitive selection process. On this occasion 12 students were selected to make presentations on topics as diverse as ‘The Influence of Stent Design and Local Haemodynamics on in-Stent Restenosis’,  ‘ Smart Structures with Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors’, Detecting Imperfection in Crowd’ and ‘Indian Cinema in Ireland: Film as a Site of Cultural Mediation’. Each high quality presentation was welcomed by the audience of DIT staff, supervisors and students and prompted lively discussions on the topics being researched.  In addition to the DIT Fiosraigh Research Excellence Award, two other awards were presented:

Best Oral Presentation

The winner of the Fiosraigh Head of Graduate Research School Best Speaker Award was Dervil Cody, a PhD student in the School of Physics. Dervil was presented with her award – a travel grant of €1,000 - by Professor Brian Norton, for the excellence of her presentation on the ‘Development of a Diacetone Acrylamide-based Holographic Photopolymer’.  Her supervisors are Dr Emilia Mihaylova (Principal Supervisor) and Dr Izabela Naydenova.


Best Poster

Professor Norton presented the Fiosraigh Head of Graduate Research School Award for Best Poster Presentation to Cormac Flood, an MPhil Student, in the School of Architecture, for his poster ‘An Adaptable Approach to Thermal Upgrade within Existing Residential Housing in Ireland’.  Cormac received a travel grant of €750. His supervisors are Dr Lloyd Scott and Mr David Palmer.


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