DIT Grad Show 12 now on

7th June 2012: DIT Graduate Show 2012 opens today and will run in select venues throughout Dublin city centre until Sunday, 24 June. Open to the public, and free of charge, DIT Grad Show_12 showcases the immense creativity and talent of final year students across an array of disciplines in DIT.

Photos by Conor Mulhern, eyeon.ie

The most wide-ranging graduate exhibition in the country, the Show includes work from DIT final-year students of fine art, visual communications, photography, architecture, interior and furniture design, design display and product design as well as music recitals from final year students of DIT’s Conservatory of Music and Drama.

The exhibition is a wonderful celebration of the skills of DIT students, and affords members of the public a fantastic opportunity to see the work of some of this country’s emerging artists, designers, architects, and musicians.

The exhibition includes a range of innovative and exciting work ranging from painting, sculpture, video, installation, image making, digital design and typographic design, to functional design of furniture and interior design, visual merchandising, and new product design. Indeed, the variety of work on display promises an assortment of experiences from the surprising to the challenging and the innovative to the simply beautiful.

An annual showcase, this exhibition is a highlight of the academic year both for final-year students and their lecturers and mentors. The diversity of works being displayed and performed over the next couple of weeks is a reminder of the wide range of educational disciplines with which DIT is involved. The exhibition represents the culmination of four years of full-time study and gives our students the opportunity to showcase their immense creativity, talent, and hard work in a public arena.

All exhibitions and performances are open to the public and free of charge. Exhibitions and performances will be taking place in a number of venues across Dublin city including DIT Portland Row, DIT Bolton Street, DIT Linen Hall, DIT Rathmines, Chatham Row, Hatch Street and Temple Bar. All the details for the shows can be found below:

DIT Grad Show 12 Architecture

Dates: Friday, 08th June – Friday, 15th June (Closed Sundays)
Times: 09.00 – 17.00
Venue: DIT Linen Hall, Bolton Street, Dublin 1
www: www.dit.ie/news/archive2012/show12dublinschoolofarchitectureendofyearexhibition/

DIT Grad Show 12 Fine Art

Dates: Thursday, 7th – Saturday, 16th June (Closed Sundays)
Times: 10.00 - 16.30
Venue: DIT Portland Row, St. Joseph's Convent, Portland Row, Dublin 1
www: www.dit.ie/news/archive2012/2012bafineartgraduateshow/

DIT Grad Show 12 Photography

Dates: Tuesday, 05thJune - Sunday, 24th June
Times: 10.00 - 17.00 (Monday-Saturday) 12.00 - 17.00 (Sunday)
Venue: Gallery of Photography & National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
www: www.dit.ie/news/archive2012/2012ditbaphotographyexhibition/

DIT Grad Show 12 Visual Communications, Interior & Furniture Design, Product Design

Dates: Friday, 08th June – Sunday, 10th June
Times: 09:00 to 19:00
Venue: The Station House, Hatch Street, Dublin 2 (behind the former Odeon pub and Tripod nightclub, Harcourt Street).
www: http://www.dit.ie/news/archive2012/2012designditexhibitionsatthestationhouse/

DIT Grad Show 12 Conservatory of Music & Drama

Dates: Tuesday, 05th June – Friday, 08th June
Times: 09.30 – 20.30
Venue: DIT Chatham Row, Dublin 2 & DIT Rathmines Road, Dublin 6
www: http://update.dit.ie/2012/28-05-12/documents/BMus%20Graduating%20Recitals%20June%202012.pdf

End of year projects at exhibition


DIT student Orla Rehnolds from Killester pictured with her furniture design project ‘ As if from nowhere’ – an independently functioning bookcase that houses four dining chairs, and a dining table


Final year Visual Communications student, Niall McHugh, from Clondalkin, pictured at the opening of DIT Grad Show-12 with his project ‘Welcome to my world’


Afraid of the dentist? DIT student Aaron Jennings from Blackrock pictured with his dental innovation ‘Luminary’ which he designed to revolutionise the white filling process by eliminating pain and human error.


DIT student Iseult Uhlemann from Ringsend pictured at the opening of DIT Grad Show-12 with her furniture design project entitled ‘Repeating Yourself’.


Lenka Peskova and Sara Gavin, final year students of Visual Merchandising & Display at DIT have taken inspiration from the Olympics for their final year project.


DIT interior design student  Nicola Murphy from Crumlin pictured with her final year project at the opening of DIT Grad Show-12


DIT Product Design Student Sam Coffey from Sutton pictured with his innovative product designed to protect the ear.


DIT student Séan Niermeyer from Stillorgan pictured at the opening of DIT Grad Show-12 with his interior design project for Bolands Mill

Fine Art Launch, Portland Row, 6th June 2012


 Ciaran Corcoran, Head of School of Art Design and Printing, with Patrick Murphy, Director of the RHA Gallagher Gallery, who officially opened this year’s exhibition



Enjoying ‘ Urban Garden Picnic ‘ – Steph Gallagher utilised disused urban spaces to revive a sense of community


Nicola Carragher – examining the emotional effects of colour


Carmel Mannion with her steel sculpture “The Fast Track”


Meilan Cheung with “Collage” – blending Irish and Chinese symbols


Claire McCloskey – the visible and the barely visible bonds connecting people and communities


Ciaran Nevin, President of DITSU and artist Derbhla Leddy, with her work: “Untitled Drawings: Forego Forget”

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