DIT Graduation Ceremonies 2012/2013

homepageGrads2012.jpg 2nd July, 2012: Almost four thousand DIT graduates will be conferred with their Awards in Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the months of October and November. Graduates will receive notification of their date of graduation along with the transcript of their exams results in due course. They will also receive a formal invitation to be conferred and they should respond to confirm their attendance. Preparations for each graduation ceremony are made by the Exams Office, and any queries should be directed to them.

Graduation Dates

Venue: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin 8

13th October 2012: College of Arts & Tourism

20th October 2012: College of Sciences & Health

3rd November 2012: College of Engineering & Built Environment

10th November 2012: College of Engineering & Built Environment

17th November 2012: College of Business

16th February 2013: Spring Graduation

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