DIT lecturer appointed as French Minister

DIT Staff member Hélène Conway appointed to French Government

26th June, 2012: France’s new government has a strong DIT link after Hélène Conway, Head of the School of Languages at Dublin Institute of Technology, was appointed to a ministerial post by President François Hollande.


Hélène Conway attended her first cabinet meeting this week at the Élysée Palace after being named minister of state at the foreign ministry, with responsibility for the French abroad.

Ms Conway was one of four new ministers appointed in a mini-reshuffle in the wake of last week’s parliamentary elections in France.

The appointment caps a remarkable year for Hélène, who was elected to the French senate last September from a panel of voters representing the 2.5 million registered French citizens living overseas.  She has lived in Ireland for about 30 years, having first come to Dublin to learn English.  Between 1997 and 2011, Ms Conway was the elected representative of Ireland’s French community in an assembly of peers from around the world.

Hélène has worked in DIT for over 25 years.

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