DIT offers Leaving Cert Students 2nd chance with special Maths Competency Test 22 August 2012

15th August, 2012: The results of the 2012 Leaving Cert were released today, and DIT is reminding all students that it is offering a Special Maths Competency Test which gives students a second chance to pursue a course of study in engineering at DIT.


As one of the largest providers of engineering education in the country, DIT offers undergraduate programmes at honours degree, ordinary degree and higher certificate level across a wide range of engineering disciplines including Building Services, Civil, Communications, Computer, Control, Design, Electrical, Electronics, Environmental, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Transport.

DIT is holding the Special Maths Competency Test for students who achieve sufficient CAO entry points and satisfy all other entrance requirements for Level 8 honours degree programmes in Engineering at DIT, but who do not achieve the minimum grade of HC3 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics.  The purpose of the Special Mathematics Competency Test is to offer candidates an alternative route to achieve this minimum entry requirement.   It will take place Wednesday, 22 August from 9.30am – 12.30pm, DIT Kevin Street, Dublin 8.

In advance of this exam DIT will hold an intensive preparatory workshop for applicants intending to sit the exam. This free two day workshop takes place Monday, 20th August and Tuesday, 21 August from 9.30 – 5.00pm each day.

Mark Russell, Student Retention Officer, DIT, says: “Each year a number of students gain entry to our Engineering programmes based on their results in our Special Maths Exam. These students are often high-achievers and as a result, have gone on to graduate successfully from engineering at DIT.”

The Special Maths Competency Test is set at a similar standard as the Leaving Certificate Honours Mathematics examination. Students that have studied the Leaving Certificate Mathematics curriculum at Honours Level but did not sit the Honours paper are also invited to sit the exam.

For further information and to apply for the Special Maths Exam and the preparatory workshop contact Mark Russell , Student Retention Officer, DIT at mark.russell@dit.ie  . Applications for the Exam will be accepted by DIT up to 5pm on Monday, 20 August.


  • Exam Date:  Wednesday 22 August
  • Exam Time:   9:30am  to 12.30pm (3 hours duration)
  • Exam Venue:   Examination space in Basement, DIT KEVIN STREET

There will be a workshop prior to the exam for two days on Monday, 20th  and Tuesday 21st August (9.30am – 5.00pm) DIT Kevin Street

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What is the Special Mathematics Examination?

It is a mathematics exam organised, conducted and examined by DIT.  It is an opportunity for applicants to DIT Level 8 Engineering programmes to meet the minimum entry requirement in Leaving Certificate Mathematics, if they have not already done so.

Why is there a Maths Competency Test?

Most Level 8 (Honours) Engineering programmes in DIT have a minimum requirement of an Honours C3 or higher in Leaving Certificate Mathematics. This is an option available to you to meet this requirement, either in April before the Leaving Certificate exam or after the Leaving Certificate results are issued in August.

Who should take this exam?

If you have applied through the CAO for entry to Level 8 Engineering programmes in DIT and are ineligible for consideration due the minimum entry requirement in Mathematics, then you should take this special exam. If you missed the minimum entry requirement by either scoring lower than HC3 or you changed to the Ordinary Level Mathematics paper just prior to sitting the Leaving Certificate Examinations, then you should take this exam.

Am I eligible for my Engineering programme choice?

Please check the minimum requirements for your chosen programme. For the following DIT Level 8 Engineering programmes, the minimum requirement for Leaving Certificate Mathematics is HC3:

  • DT021 Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • DT023 Manufacturing and Design Engineering
  • DT025 Engineering (Common First Year)
  • DT081 Computer and Communications Engineering

How do I apply?

Please contact the Admissions Office, DIT to apply for this exam. You can apply directly by emailing your details to Mark Russell at mark.russell@dit.ie  . Details to include are:-

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your CAO number
  • Telephone contact number

What do I need to bring on the day of the exam?

  • A recognised form of photo I.D.
  • Pen / biro
  • Calculator 

Maths Tables will be supplied in the exam hall.

When do I hear of my results?

We will endeavour to furnish you with a result (pass / fail) of the exam within one week of the exam sitting.

What happens next?

If you have been successful in the Special Maths Competency Test, you will become eligible for consideration on the specified Level 8 Engineering programme(s) in respect of the minimum entry requirement in maths.  DIT will inform the CAO directly of your eligibility.

The CAO will now include your application in further rounds when offering places on these programmes. The CAO will allocate places on the programmes according to the points system.

Please note that success in the Special Maths Competency Test does not automatically guarantee a place on a DIT Level 8 Engineering programme.

If you have not been successful in the Special Maths Test, you will not be eligible for consideration on the specified Level 8 Engineering programmes in DIT.

Can I use the result for entry onto other programmes with similar entry requirements?

No. The exam relates ONLY to DIT Level 8 Engineering programmes. It does not apply to other DIT programmes or to any programme outside of DIT.


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