DIT School of Art, Design & Printing and LTTC up for award! Your votes needed!

19th January 2011: We are delighted that the DIT module “Is one Life enough?”  has been nominated as a finalist for the Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) Award in the United Kingdom under the Further and Higher Education Innovation category. There were 150 entries in this category and the DIT module is now one of only two finalists.


“Is one Life enough?”  is offered by John O’Connor of the school of Art design and Printing and Claudia Igbrude of the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre(LTTC). The module is taught entirely in the Virtual World Secondlife and has attracted students from both within and outside DIT. In the module students learn to:

  • Access online virtual environments and networking communities to carry out specific activities;
  • Create and manage their presence in virtual spaces;
  • Establish and maintain virtual relationships;
  • Explain how the regulations and conventions operating in online virtual environments and networking communities support the creation and management of content;
  • Describe the potential outcomes from creating content;
  • Apply this knowledge to create and exploit original content for online virtual environments and networking communities.


A seminar at the DIT Media Centre in Virtual Dublin, Second Life

For more info on the module see: http://virtualenvironmentsmodule.wordpress.com

Having been selected by the panel of judges, the nomination is now open to public voting so please vote for us!


Sitearm Madonna aka James Neville visiting lecturer from Virtual Dublin and based in Texas, delivers a lecture on the module

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