DIT students enter ‘Design Build’ competition in Dallas

International team prepares for pressure event - via skype!


L-R Lloyd Scott with Final year Architectural Technology student Conor Shaw, 4th Architecture student Orla Hayes and final year Const Management student Paul Murphy before departure to ASC Design Build competition

14 February 2012:  Three Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) students of Construction Management, Architectural Technology and Architecture - Paul Murphy, Conor Shaw and Orla Hayes -  leave Ireland today to join their three team mates - Bryce McCarthy, Kevin Leach, and Jonathan Radeaugh - at Oklahoma University (OU) to prepare to compete in the annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region V TEXO Design Build competition sponsored by Sedalco. 

The six students are all studying in disciplines related to the built environment and they have been working together since early November through Skype and other online systems. They are now preparing to meet in person for the first time. 

This is the third time an international team has entered the challenge, and International Team Coach and Construction Management Assistant Department Head Lloyd Scott has welcomed the continued initiative with the University of Oklahoma.  “The experience has been very positive, and we are continuing the develop and build on what we have learnt over the last two years.  The competition provides an opportunity for students from differing cultures but who have a common area of study to come together and collaborate on a common project.”

With the rise in global construction and the recent down turn in the industry in Ireland, Scott believes that all Built Environment students at DIT must be prepared to consider working in a more global environment. “The ASC Design/Build international competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to work as a team, to learn from their peers in an international context and in turn prepare themselves for their future career.”

The format of the competition is extremely challenging.  Teams are given a Request for Proposal (RFP) to design a project, estimate the cost, schedule the construction process and provide a management plan.  Once they receive the RFP the DIT/OU team will be sequestered on campus in Oklahoma University without access to advisers, and are given 16-hours to complete the challenge.  Following the ‘lockdown’ the students then travel from Norman, Oklahoma to Dallas where they submit their completed design folder and prepare presentations.

The final stage of the competition will take place on Monday 20th February, when each team will present their design and solutions to a panel of judges at the Texo Head Office.   The DIT/OU international team will be competing in the Design Build section of the competition against teams from Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee, Texas A&M, Texas A&M-Commerce, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, Texas Tech University, University of Louisiana-Monroe, John Brown University and Louisiana Tech University.   They will share their progress on their blog at:  http://ascdesignbuild.wordpress.com/

Further information on the Design Build competition can be found by visiting the competition website:  http://regionv.tamu.edu/competition/index.asp

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