DIT student wins 1st prize for Molecular Gastronomy in France

First Prize for Molecular Gastronomy was presented to DIT student Hugh Higgins (BA in Culinary Arts), at the prestigious 7th Annual Competition in Science and Cuisine. The competition was held in Nantes, France on May 24th and the theme was “Gardens of the Sea” which involved using seaweed and seaweed extracts in an appetiser and main dish.


Hugh Higgins

Hugh competed against sixteen other entries and achieved first place in the education section. The competition is chaired by the co-founder of Molecular Gastronomy, Dr. Hervé This and was judged by representatives from the science, culinary, food industry and educational sectors.

The prizes included a €500 voucher to spend in a culinary shop, molecular gastronomy books and a glass trophy. Hugh’s success reflected the hard work and dedication of the fourth year molecular gastronomy class of 2012.

Attendance at the competition would not have been possible without the very kind and generous sponsorship of La Rousse Foods.


Hugh holding his winning glass trophy with John Clancy, Assistant Head of School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology and Molecular Gastronomy tutors Pauline Danaher and Róisín Burke (Left to Right).


The winning entry


Oysters three ways with Guinness

Agar oyster balls with Tabasco

Seaweed panéed oyster in velouté

Poached oyster with pickled shallots

Guinness gel, granite and velouté foam


Main Dish

Scallops with black pudding and cauliflower purée

Scallop purée

White pudding scallop, made with cream, pudding and gelatine

Black pudding made with Cauliflower, squid ink, agar, gelatine, pearl barley, bread crumbs and butter

Onion glass

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