DIT team takes on CIOB Student Challenge 2012

28th February 2012: Each year, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) challenges teams from universities and institutes of technology and from industry to take part in the CIOB Student Challenge.  This year the Challenge took place in Limerick on Thursday 23 February.  The DIT team included Paul Ebbs, Cormac O’Neill, Ross Nolan and John Heffernan, all final year students on the BSc Construction Management programme.  They were supported by James O’Connor, Senior Lecturer in Construction Management.


Final year students of Construction Management, Paul Ebbs, Cormac O’Neill, Ross Nolan and John Heffernan, with (centre) James O’Connor, Senior Lecturer

The competition is very demanding, with each team being given a topical industry problem to address.  Using their  construction skills and knowledge they must come up with suitable recommendations and they are given a very tight timeframe in which to research and prepare their answers.  They then present their rationale and recommendations to a panel of experts that includes potential employers, members of CIOB and other specialists.   Following their presentation, the team is required to defend its proposals under intense questioning from the panel.

According to Garrett Keenaghan, Assistant Head, School of Construction, “The pressure is on from the outset in this Student Challenge and I’m delighted to say that our team did brilliantly, taking 2nd place in Ireland – evidence that our DIT Construction Management students can compete at the highest level!”

Congratulations to Paul, Cormac, Ross and John and to their mentors and advisers in the School of Construction.

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