Full house for Science Week at DIT

November 2012: Colleagues in the College of Sciences and Health hosted hundreds of secondary and primary school students in Kevin Street for Science Week, organised by Dr. Siobhan Daly, School of Physics, and colleagues from all Schools. 

The packed programme of events included highly interactive talks such as “Inside a 3D Games Engine” with Dr. Bryan Duggan, School of Computing; “The Genetics Revolution” with Dr. Fergus Ryan, School of Biological Sciences; “Biology at the Movies: separating science fiction from science fact” with Dr. Gwilym Williams, School of Biological Sciences; and “How to save the planet in 45 minutes” with Dr. Ken Farquhar of the Inspirational Science Theatre.  In a talk by Dr. Rob Howard, School of Physics, “The Martial Arts of Physics” was brought to life by the appearance of Taekwondo Grandmaster Howard who demonstrated breaking tiles with his hands.

On Friday, a spaceman came calling – Astronaut Paolo Nespoli from the European Space Agency had his audience on the edge of their seats as he recounted tales of his experiences in space and the rigorous training astronauts undergo to prepare them for their other-world challenge.

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